St. Joseph’s Men Group

An Invitation to All Men to Join St. Joseph’s Men Group!

St. Pius X asked a group of Cardinals, “What is the thing we most need, today, to save society?” One said, “Build Catholic Schools”. The Pope answered, “No.” Another said, “We need more churches”. The Pope again answered, “No.” “Speed up the recruiting of priests” said a third. “No, no” said the Pope. “The most necessary thing of all, at this time, is for every parish to possess a group of laymen who will be at the same time virtuous, enlightened, resolute, and truly apostolic!”

The men of St. Joseph meet every Saturday at 7 AM in the chapel. We start off by reading the daily Mass readings which are followed by a reflection by Deacon Lappert. We then pray a rosary before the exposed Blessed Sacrament (ends around 7:30 AM). Our prayers are followed by fellowship and a talk by one of the members till 8 AM. Breakfast is provided. All men are welcome!

Note, we sometimes have mass on first Saturdays at 8 AM. Check the Current Bulletin for times on First Saturday. If you have any questions about this group, please email them to